Why Choose AIMS Healthcare for Lab Sample Collection From Home in Dubai?

Blood tests have often has been considered to be a physical activity of a patient visiting the lab or a doctor as a medical process. Today, the prospect of spending hours in a queue at the diagnostic lab or the hospital prompts patients to step out from performing diagnostic tests. Thus Blood tests at home are now gaining momentum with more and more people switching to blood test labs that offer home service ‘blood sample collection’. 

The Rise of Home Collection of Laboratory Samples

What does remote sampling mean for the new age of precise, patient-centered healthcare and remote patient monitoring? In a changing world, the time has come to harness digital technology and remote medical devices to push healthcare beyond the confines of a hospital, lab or clinic. We must reach our patients right where they live – at home.

With the advent of medical technology, a wide range of medical tests are available to humankind. Taking regular tests has become very important in the modern-day. However, going to a diagnostic center takes a lot of precious time and effort from our schedule.

Mobile phlebotomy helps to meet the needs of patients, especially those:

  • that are homebound
  • that lack access to transportation 
  • that are unable to leave their homes for other reasons
  • that prefer the convenience of lab test sample collection at home or other private location

Why Consider AIMS Healthcare for Lab Sample Collection?

At Aims Healthcare, Dubai, our medical team is equipped with proper phlebotomy training that will help in reducing the fear or trauma of the patient when it comes to blood sample extraction.With our special techniques, rest assured that the procedure will be more pleasant than what you’ve expected while maintaining the law of sterility. When it comes to non-blood sample collection, the correct way of collecting the specimen will be discussed to the patient until he or she will have the full understanding. Samples will be handled correctly by international accredited Labs, and the accurate report will be delivered to the patient swiftly.

We offer our superior diagnostics & accurate result at your doorstep. Our wide range of laboratory tests includes but is not limited to:

  • COVID-19 tests
  • COVID-19 antibody tests
  • Blood sugar tests
  • Diabetes tests
  • Hormone Tests
  • Lipid profile
  • HbA1c

Our DHA-licensed medical technicians arrive at home on a call and collect your blood sample within 30 minutes. The reports can be picked up from the centre and delivered to you in just 2 hours! Every home collection box is unused and newly opened to maintain a level of medical hygiene.

What Makes Us The Chosen Lab Testing Service At Home In Dubai?

Trusted by certified and international accredited Labs and private clinics alike, you can be sure of the highest testing standards from our fully accredited partner laboratories. 

1. Blood Sample Collection by DHA-Licensed Expert Nurse
The first step in acquiring a quality lab test result for any patient is the specimen collection procedure. For your safety and peace of mind, we only provide service from DHA-licensed expert nurses to take your blood sample collection.

Home blood collection is for all but particularly gainful to the old, incessantly sick patients, patients recouping post-medical procedure, and those confined to the bed. 

2. Deliver test results in 2 hours!
When you need to do an emergency test and can’t reach the lab centre, Aims Healthcare can reach to you! Traditional testing can take one to five days to receive results, but we will assure to deliver it to you in 2 hours!

Aims Healthcare in Dubai delivers best-in-class service for those times when you require tests and results the quickest.Our goal is to providethe best access to healthcare to  as many patients as possible. 

3. Wide range of Lab Tests at home
We provide a wide range of specialized diagnostic testing to thousands of patients a day. From simple blood counts to genetic testing for rare diseases, our diversity of diagnostic tests is facilitated by state-of-the-art equipment. 

This allows us to provide superior testing and highly competitive result turn-around times, among the best in the industry. We have access to the same standard of diagnostic testing capabilities, helping us provide high-quality laboratory services to patients at their doorstep.

4. 24/7 emergency assistance
A serious medical issue can strike at any time, that’s why we have a well-staffed phlebotomist at our centers in Dubai that’s open every day, all day. At Aims Healthcare, we can ease your experience by simply coming to you to take your blood sample.

You can request a home-visit or have your blood tests taken within minutes at your workplace, or even at your hotel stay. It’s quick and comfortable and at a time convenient to you.We have phlebotomists in various parts of Dubai and we may be able to arrange a visit for you if one is local to you.

What Are The Benefits Of Availing Lab Tests At Home?

Whether you want to feel better or check your body is in the best of health, lab test at home is one of the most comfortableservices to opt when you have mobility, travel or time constraints. Patient-centered care and lab test at home are the wave of the future.Patients don’t need to travel to the clinic or hospital for a venipuncture blood draw with a phlebotomist!Here are some of the benefits of availing lab test at the comfort of your availability:

  1. Money and time saving
  2. Wide range of diagnostics tests at the doorstep
  3. Higher confidentiality
  4. No waiting in queue or travel miles
  5. Hassle-free process
  6. Hygiene at its best

Aims Healthcare, Dubai For Lab Test At Your Doorstep

With Aims Healthcare, stay in the comfort your home and make the lab come to you, anywhere in the UAE. Take control of your health care costs by opting for lab sample collection at home service, the only direct lab provider with a customer-satisfaction guarantee. We offer a wide variety of lab tests including: Thyroid-stimulating Hormone (TSH) Blood Test, vitamin and nutrition, cholesterol lab tests, and many more categories.Experience the easiest way to give blood testsfrom the comfort of your home. We ensure that each at-home test is validated to be as accurate as traditional lab tests.

It’s time to rethink traditional models of healthcare and science. It’s time to go remote. If you want to know more about our lab test at Home service, feel free to call us on +971 505 136 505, or just fill-up the form below and our experts will contact you.

Aims Healthcare

Aims Healthcare intertwines superior medical practices with accessibility of highly qualified medical professionals to yield exceptional patient care and clinical outcomes. We take medical care one step further by providing first-rate home healthcare and doctor-on-call services at your doorstep. We are available any time of day for you and every member of your family.