Modern-day food items have taken over our diet plans with a storm. With the increased consumption of contemporary food items, diseases and other body and health-related issues are on an extreme rise. And when we think about them – inflammation is one of them.

Yes, it is indeed true that we have become vulnerable to new edibles and drinkables. Having a single day without them seems nearly impossible. Despite knowing the indisputable harmful effects on our health, we consume them at large. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that our taste buds have gotten well with these food items.

Among the several troubles and diseases, inflammation has become a serious concern. According to a report on Chronic Inflammation and Inflammatory Diseases, the estimated prevalence of chronic inflammatory diseases in Western society is nearly 5% to 7%. Moreover, chronic inflammation tends to contribute to increasing numerous other inflammatory diseases in the body. Alone in the UAE, the rising prevalence of inflammation has risen from 2% to 4% in a matter of time. This leads to a deadly and fatal disease, i.e., inflammatory bowel disease.

What Cause Inflammation?

The diet and food consumption we do is primarily the biggest reason for inflammation. And hence, it plays a significant part in devastating our health. According to research, inflammation in the body is caused by increased C-reactive protein levels (CRP), and it starts affecting the blood. The study further stated that sugary foods and C-reactive protein in the eatables perform inflammatory messengers’ functions and result in chronic inflammation.

Moreover, this inflammation leads to infections in the body, causing autoimmune disorder, which is considered an attacking agent according to a certified doctor on call in Dubai at Aims Healthcare.

The Connection of Diet with Inflammation

We select the food item most of the time without knowing the proper nutrients or toxins it might contain. In order to prevent this from happening, here are some perfect insights into the highly affecting ingredients that we are consuming at large and those that are becoming a major reason for inflammation in our bodies.

1. Refined Carbohydrates Aren't Beneficial At All

Refined carbohydrates have become an integral part of our diet plan in the 21st century. Products like white bread, rice, flour, instant mashed potatoes, French fries, and crackers are enriched with refined carbohydrates that gradually damage our health.

Moreover, inflammation and these carbohydrates are also alarming contributors to obesity and other deadly chronic diseases such as kidney malfunction and high cholesterol issues in the body. These food items are also known are the items with a high-glycemic index in them that drive glycation in the body, which is a stimulating factor for inflammation in the body.

So, if you feel disturbed and abnormal wherever you are, you can get a lab test at home service where our professionals will reach your place in 30-40 minutes to collect samples and present your timely reports for satisfaction and early detection of some malfunction before it’s too late.

2. Processed Meat Isn’t Healthy at All

We are extremely fond of eating processed meat. It is a damaging food item fermented, salted, cured, and smoked for tasting delicious and giving it a long shelf life by adding preservatives that are dangerous beyond our imagination. They are highly rich in saturated fats, and upon consumption, they cause inflammation in the body.

Some examples of processed meat are sausages, salami, pepperoni, and even deli meats are all liked by us, but deep down, they are harming us beyond our thinking. If you consume processed meat frequently in your diet, you might have inflammation or are on the brink of being a victim of it. However, to timely cure it, it is better to acquire a lab test at home where a professional team of nurses and medical staff will reach your doorstep to collect a blood sample to detect the presence of inflammation and deliver reports with a medicinal recommendation to cure it.

3. Sugar Is a Killer

Can you imagine how often you have taken sugar in your meals or drinks? I bet now you must be wondering what’s next. The deserts, ice creams, sodas, energy drinks, so-called fruit juices, chocolate bars, etc., are, to name a few, food items heavily packed with sugar. Moreover, sugar is also a great contributor to releasing inflammatory messengers in the body called ‘cytokines.’ On the other hand, it also becomes a pivotal reason of diabetes in the human body and lowers lifespan.

4. Vegetables and Other Seed Oils

The use of vegetable oil and other seed oils has increased exponentially over the years. In some of the major countries in the world, its use has touched a great demand for different products. Soybean oil, an excessively used vegetable oil in various products, promotes inflammation. It is highly enriched with an omega-6 fatty acid, another contributing agent of inflammation in the body and leads to heartburn. Because of these reasons, medical experts recommend consuming omega-3 rich foods that will subdue the inflammatory effects in the body.

5. Trans Fats Is Destructive

Food manufacturers across the globe know the harmful effects of Trans fats on the body. Despite knowing, they create and use it in our meals. Creating Trans fats is adding hydrogen with fat to change a texture and then finally in the eatables. According to researchers, there aren’t any safe amounts of Trans fats in a food item. A little serving is also destructive to our health and causes inflammation in the body. All the bakery items, general cookies, pastries, and crackers have a significant portion of Trans fats.

6. Gluten and Casein Cause Long-term Effects

Gluten and Casein are already considered vital contributors to inflammation in the body. Food items like rye, barley, and wheat are high in gluten, and dairy products are high in Casein, causing inflammation in the body. Gluten and Casein are also problematic substances for joint patients and are considered harmful to small intestines in the body. Therefore, medical experts highly suggest and recommend eating most gluten-free diets.

Start Your Cure Today!

Starting your cure at the earliest is the best decision to make and save yourself from later regret. There are plenty of substitutes to try adding to our diet in order to eliminate the inflammatory agents from our body. Here are a few things to do;

  • Another incredible way is to get IV therapy at hometoday, as it includes nutrients like magnesium, calcium, Vitamin C, and B that help your body recovers faster.  
  • Consuming a fiber-rich diet protects against inflammation. The bacteria in our guts metabolize fiber to produce short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), decreasing inflammatory processes and boosting the immune system.
  • Consuming a diet that is plant-based protein is highly effective.
  • Adding Omega-3s to your food consumption will prove to be a solid game-changer.
  • Fruits and veggies are the natural cure to several health issues.

The End!

Inflammation leads to several diseases and makes our bodies vulnerable to several diseases. However, this guide is primarily to provide you with the perfect knowledge of what needs to be eliminated at once to live a healthy and happy life. Moreover, it also shows you what changes need to be incorporated for healthy living.

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