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    Quality At-Home Kidney Function Test in Dubai

    Kidneys are essential to our body function and play a major role in the removal of waste products from the blood and the regulation of water fluid levels. At Aims Healthcare, we offer quality at-home kidney function tests. Have professional experts arrive at your doorstep and collect necessary samples to be tested at accredited laboratories. Results delivered in 24 to 48 hours.

    What is a Kidney Function Test?

    Kidneys basically perform 7 functions with the regulation of blood volume, its pH, blood pressure, and excretion of waste products being some of them. A kidney function test, which consists of blood and urine tests, helps detect abnormalities related to these functions.

    Why is a Kidney Test Performed?

    A kidney function test can be recommended by a doctor for a variety of reasons. From helping detect failures to infections, these tests can help rule out all sorts of possibilities. If you are experiencing symptoms like vomiting, loss of appetite, urination changes, high BP, etc. you might benefit from a kidney test.

    Book Your Kidney Function Test at Home

    With Aims Healthcare, get your kidney function test done at home. Conducted by expert medical professionals, tested at accredited laboratories, and results delivered in 24 to 48 hours, you can rest assured that your health is in the best hands.

    Book your at-home Kidney Function Test if you live in Dubai to keep track of your health or monitor it at the comfort of your home.Call us on +971 505 136 505 or fill this form and our support team will contact you at the earliest.

    Kidney Function Test - Frequently Asked Questions

    Planning to book an at-home Kidney Function Test with Aims Healthcare? Here are some commonly asked questions answered for you.

    There are no particular precautions that you need to take before a Kidney Function Test.

    Urinalysis- Screens for the presence of protein and blood in the urine.

    Serum creatinine test- Examines whether creatinine (a type of waste product) is building up in your blood. Blood urea nitrogen (BUN)- Checks for waste products in the blood.

    A kidney function test can be done either via Urinalysis, Serum Creatinine Test, or Blood Urea Nitrogen Test that helps in determining your estimated GFR.

    The Creatinine Test requires a 24-hour urine sample. The other three tests are done by drawing a blood sample from the patient’s vein- usually the arm.

    The Creatinine Test is a completely external process and is thus, very safe. But since the other tests involve drawing of a blood sample, there is always a chance of infection, experiencing a tinge of pain, or slight bruising. However, all of these can be eliminated with the help of trained medical professionals and thorough sanitisation.

    Aims Healthcare pioneers and specialises in providing at-home medical services. With an expert medical team and tie-ups with verified and trusted laboratories, you can rest assured that your health is in the most reliable hands.