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    At-Home HbA1C Test with Aims Healthcare

    H1AC or HbA1c test or Haemoglobin 1AC test is one of the most recommended and necessary tests for the ones who have diabetes. The test is performed in certified labs that are equipped with advanced medical technology. Now, get a quality H1AC Test done by trained professionals at the comfort of your home with Aims Healthcare.

    What is an HbA1C Test?

    An HbA1C test is conducted every 2 to 3 months for diabetic patient in order to monitor their blood sugar levels. The increased glucose (or sugar in the blood) binds to the haemoglobin upon increasing and since the haemoglobin in our bodies is renewed every 2-3 months, the record of how much glucose is attached to the haemoglobin also lasts for this period. If there’s too much glucose attached to the haemoglobin cells, you’ll have a high A1C. If the amount of glucose is normal, your A1C will be normal.

    Why is an HbA1C Test Performed?

    This test could be recommended by your doctor as a part of a regular health checkup or diabetes monitoring. If you are showing diabetic symptoms or are obese, have high blood pressure, or a sedentary lifestyle, this test can be taken to avoid any potential problems.

    Book Your HbA1C Test at Home in Dubai

    Let us take care of you. With trained medical professionals arriving at your doorstep to collect your blood samples in the most adept manner, Aims Healthcare will make sure that your at-home HbA1C test is carried out in the most skilled and professional way at trusted laboratories.

    The test results will also be delivered in the next 24 to 48 hours. Book your HbA1C Test if you live in Dubai to keep track of your health or monitor it at the comfort of your home.Call us on +971 505 136 505 or fill this form and our support team will contact you at the earliest.

    HbA1C Test Frequently Asked Questions

    Planning to book an at-home HbA1C Test by Aims Healthcare? Here are some commonly asked questions answered for you.

    This test is usually taken in the morning before you eat anything. It is recommended to not eat and drink anything for 8 to 10 hours before the test (water, however, works).

    This test is usually done by a medical
    professional by a procedure called Venipuncture- Collecting blood by injecting
    a needle through your vein (usually the arm).

    Medical professionals are usually trained to collect your blood samples without posing you at risk. However, since this is an intravenous process, there is a chance of infection, experiencing a tinge of pain, or slight bruising.

    The ideal range for haemoglobin A1c level for people without diabetes is between 4% to 6.5%. Any level above 6.5% indicates that you have diabetes. It is always recommended to have your HbA1c levels below 7% to avoid complications.

    Aims Healthcare pioneers and specialises in providing at-home medical services. With an expert medical team and tie-ups with verified and trusted laboratories, you can rest assured that your health is in the most reliable hands.