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    Quality At-Home CRP Test by Aims Healthcare

    CRP Test, C-Reactive Protein Test or ultra-sensitive C-reactive protein (us-CRP) is a test done to check the levels of CRP in our body. Elevated levels of this protein could be indicative of various issues including minor inflammation to heart diseases and cancer.

    Now get your CRP test done by medical professionals at the comfort of your home in Dubai with Aims Healthcare. Have experts arrive at your doorstep and get results within the next 24 to 48 hours.

    What is a CRP Test?

    C-reactive protein is usually produced by our livers in response to inflammation. High levels of this protein could indicate inflammation, infection, and various other health conditions. CRP test is, however, considered to be a very non-specific test as its high levels can be caused by a variety of reasons.

    Why is a CRP Test performed?

    A CRP test may be performed for a variety of reasons. From detecting minor to significant inflammations, and heart diseases to cancer, a CRP test can be indicative of various underlying health conditions.

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    Avail exclusive medical services at your doorstep with Aims Healthcare. Our medical professionals will conduct your CRP test at the comfort of your home while following the highest standards of medical practices. The samples will be tested at accredited laboratories and the test results will be delivered in 24 to 48 hours.

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    CRP Test - Frequently Asked Questions

    Planning to book an at-home CRP test by Aims Healthcare? Here are some commonly asked questions answered for you.

    There are no such precautions required for this test.

    This test is carried out by the collection of a blood sample using a procedure called venipuncture (blood collection from a vein- usually the arm).

    Medical professionals are usually trained to collect your blood samples without posing you at risk. However, since this is an intravenous process, there is a chance of infection, experiencing a tinge of pain, or slight bruising.

    C-reactive protein is measured in milligrams of CRP per litre of blood (mg/L). Low CRP is better than high CRP.

    Here are some reference values –

    • Less than 1 mg/L- Low risk for cardiovascular disease
    • 1-2.9 mg/L- intermediate risk
    • More than 3 mg/L- high risk
    • More than 10 mg/L could indicate health conditions like bone infections, an autoimmune arthritis flare-up, IBD, tuberculosis, lupus, cancer, pneumonia, etc.

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