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Get PCR Test at Home with Accurate Results in less than 4 hours

Experience the utmost convenience with our PCR test at home service in Dubai. AIMS Healthcare brings accurate lab testing directly to your doorstep, saving you time and ensuring your safety. Our experienced team of DHA-certified medical professionals is trained to conduct tests with precision. Our rapid turnaround time of less than 4 hours ensures you get accurate results in time without affecting your busy work schedule. We have multiple plans based on the urgency of your requirement, so, whether you require testing for travel, health screening, or peace of mind, we’ve got you covered.
Enjoy fast, convenient, and accurate testing with AIMS Healthcare.

Our PCR Test at Home Packages


With our regular package, you get your Covid-19 PCR test results within 18 to 24 hours.


With our express package, you get your PCR test results within 12 hours.

Super Express

With our super express package, you get your PCR test results within 6 to 8 hours.


With our premium package, you get your PCR test results within 3 to 5 hours.

Accurate & Fast PCR Test in Dubai

AIMS Healthcare’s home based PCR testing service brings the highest standard of COVID-19 testing right to your doorstep. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Unmatched Accuracy: Our tests are known for its high accuracy in detecting the SARS-CoV-2 virus, ensuring you receive trustworthy results you can depend on.
  • Speedy Results: We understand the urgency of COVID 19 testing. Our streamlined process ensures that you get your results promptly, allowing for swift decision-making and peace of mind.
  • Convenience: Our at home testing service offers the utmost convenience, with a DHA certified home healthcare professional visiting your home in just 30 minutes to collect the sample.
  • Safety: Our trained home healthcare providers adhere to strict safety protocols, minimizing the risk of exposure to the virus during the sample collection process.
  • Comprehensive Service: Whether you need testing for travel requirements, peace of mind, or medical reasons, our service caters to your unique needs.

Discover the efficiency of our fast COVID test at home in Dubai, delivering accurate results and convenience. Your health and safety are our primary concerns, and we remain dedicated to offering you the finest home testing solutions in Dubai

Get COVID-19 PCR Test at Home in Just 3 Easy Steps!

 Aims Healthcare in Dubai offers this home healthcare service with a highly trained and expert team. No need to search PCR test near me, just contact Aims Healthcare and ensure your peace of mind during these challenging times. Your health and the health of your loved ones is our priority.

1. Contact Us

Call 800 AIMS (2467) or WhatsApp at +971 505 136 505 for lab testing at home.

2. Nurse At Your Place

DHA-certified Home care nurse will reach your doorstep within 30 minutes.

3. Accurate & Timely Reporting

You will receive in-time accurate reporting at home.

Benefits of Choosing Aims Healthcare for PCR Test at Home

With AIMS Healthcare, you gain access to our renowned PCR testing services, celebrated for their exceptional efficiency and pinpoint accuracy. Our services provide you a multitude of compelling advantages and benefits that ensure your peace of mind and well-being.

  • Skilled medical professionals provide precise tests for reliable results.
  • Transparent testing process keeps you informed at every step.
  • Fast and accurate results delivered in less than 4 hours.
  • COVID-19 testing at home for peace of mind without leaving your home.
  • Ideal for individuals with mobility issues, families, and those with limited transportation options.
  • Home testing is accessible to all.
  • Strict quality assurance standards ensure the reliability of PCR test results.

Why Choose AIMS Healthcare For COVID 19 PCR Test In Dubai?

AIMS Healthcare is a premium home healthcare service provider for COVID tests in Dubai. Our experienced team of home healthcare professionals is dedicated to providing high standard and quality care. We strive to provide fast results to help you make timely decisions. Our tests meet international travel and healthcare compliance standards. Whether you need testing for travel, work, or healthcare purposes, our tests are recognized and accepted by relevant authorities. For hassle-free services in Dubai, just give us a call, and we will be at your doorstep within 30 minutes and are available 24/7 and 365 days.

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عمااري احمد
عمااري احمد
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شكرا للخدمة المقدمة من قبلكم للمرض الذي وصل إلى البيت للاسف لم أعرف اسمه و من قبل Rabia Zara شكرا لجهودكم
Samih Tafish
Samih Tafish
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Very good service, especially Mr. meshkat munawar in the customer service he's kind and supportive
Arut Gevorgyan
Arut Gevorgyan
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Servis’s is really good , Jamida is very good nurse , I recommend to ask her then you are calling for nurse
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Highly recommended. Came out within the hour and results super quick. Rabia Zafar was very helpful and assisted brilliantly
Kinan Hanna
Kinan Hanna
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I would like to share my gratitude for the excellent customer service I got from Aims Healthcare. Special thnx for Meshkat Munawar for her outstanding professional communications.
Jess Smith
Jess Smith
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Very quick and efficient service! Great customer service as well
Santhosh Kumar Komuroju
Santhosh Kumar Komuroju
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The home medical test service offered by Aims Healthcare is a true lifesaver for those seeking convenience, accuracy, and reliability in their healthcare journey. The hassle-free home visit, efficient sample collection, prompt delivery of results, and customer-centric approach make this service a standout choice. If you're looking to prioritize your health without compromising on your time and comfort, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this service a try. It has certainly earned my trust and become my preferred option for medical testing.
Jyreen Mansueto David
Jyreen Mansueto David
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Ms Rabia did an amazing job with assisting me. Recommending to reach out to her if youre looking for efficiency and quality . Well appreciated 👌

Get Safe & Convenient Express PCR Result at Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, COVID-19 Tests involve collecting a sample swab from your nose (PCR Test and Antigen Test) or collecting your blood sample (Antibodies/Serology Test). A trained medical professional with the right medical equipements can easily do this at home.

With Aims Healthcare, getting a COVID test at home is super easy in Dubai! Just call us on +971 505 136 505 and medical experts will arrive at your doorstep at the scheduled time. We will then diagnose your samples at some of the most highly-accredited labs in Dubai and the results will be shared within 12 to 24 hours Rest assured that this test will be conducted with utmost safety- following all the necessary safety precautions.

With Aims Healthcare, you can expect your COVID-19 results to arrive within 8 to 24 hours after the test.

This may differ from person to person. If you tested positive and are still showing symptoms, it’s best to isolate yourself. If you tested positive and show no symptoms, you can choose to break your isolation 10 days after the test.

If you tested negative, you can still be at the risk of being exposed to the virus- so it’s best to adhere to safety protocols like social distancing and washing your hands regularly, etc.

So far, the PCR test has proven to be highly accurate and sensitive. Antibodies test is recommended only 14 days after one has contracted Covid as it takes time for our body to develop them and taking a test too early could result in inaccurate results. You can also go for a COVID antibody test post your vaccination to check the increased level of antibody.
  • We would recommend getting a COVID test regularly. However, it is a definite requirement when you are –
  • Showing COVID-related symptoms
  • Have come in contact with someone who was affected by COVID recently
  • Have travelled/attended a mass gathering recently or plan to travel soon

So far, the COVID test is found to be the most accurate and reliable. You can get your PCR test in Dubai done by medical professionals in the comfort of your home by just placing a call on +971 505 136 505

  • The PCR test involves testing the genetic material and is highly accurate.
  • Antigen testing, however, has a faster turnaround time but is not as reliable as a PCR test.
  • Both-PCR tests and Antigen tests involve taking swab samples from the back of one’s nose and throat.
  • In Antibodies testing, blood samples are collected to check for if there is a presence of antibodies against the SARS-CoV-2 virus in one’s body. This test should typically be done 14 days after experiencing the symptoms for accurate results.