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    A blood sugar measurement is a process that determines the level of sugar in your blood, also known as glucose. This test is required by your doctor to help in the diagnosis of diabetes. The test results can also be used by diabetics to assist them with the treatment their illness.

    What is an Blood Sugar Test?

    The test to assess blood sugar levels can be taken in two ways. People with diabetes who are monitoring or controlling their condition use a glucometer to measure their blood sugar on a regular basis. The other choice is to take a basic blood sample and get it checked.

    A fasting blood sugar (FBS) test, also known as a haemoglobin A1C test, ascertains the blood sugar levels, or glycosylated haemoglobin. The findings will reveal whether you have pre-diabetes or diabetes, and you’ll be able to monitor how your diabetes is progressing.

    Why Blood Sugar Testing is Performed?

    Blood sugar checks give you immediate results to tell you whether you need to change your diet or workout regimen, how well your diabetes medicine or therapy is functioning, whether your blood sugar levels are elevated or down, and whether your total diabetes treatment targets are reachable.

    A blood sugar test may be applicable to you if you’re 45 years old or older, overweight, you don’t exercise much, have elevated blood pressure, high triglycerides, or low good cholesterol levels (HDL). Additionally, if you’ve had gestational diabetes or given birth to a baby that weighed more than 9 pounds, or have insulin resistance, and have had strokes in the past.

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    Blood Sugar Test - Frequently Asked Questions

    Heading for a Blood Sugar Test with us? Here are a few common questions most have. Have a read before the scheduled test at your doorstep.

    There is no clear guideline on how much one can monitor because everyone’s testing schedule is different. The best approach is to measure as many times as you need to be on point with your blood glucose regulation.

    Waiting at least 10 hours allows your body to absorb all of the food in your bloodstream, making it easier to calculate your true fasting blood sugar level.

    No, even though it’s black, don’t drink coffee. You should only drink pure water before a fasting blood test, and avoid coffee, tea, or something else, even though it’s diet/unsweetened.

    Stress will raise blood sugar levels, so if you do need insulin when you’re not tired, you might need more at these moments. Be sure to keep a good eye on yourself in all cases.

    There are virtually no side effects or risks. However, the spot where your blood is drawn can cause swelling, soreness, and bruising. it should, however, be fully healed with a day or two.