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    Top-grade Allergy Test in Dubai by Aims Healthcare

    Allergies are one of the most common infectious diseases around the world. When such chemicals come into contact with the body, they cause hypersensitive immune reactions. An allergen is a drug that causes allergic reactions. Meat, medications, bee stings, pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and household chemicals are some of the most common allergens.

    What is an Allergy Test?

    Firstly, a thorough review of your medical history will be done by our DHA-licensed expert. In order to determine the cause of your allergy, our expert will also inquire about your professional details, residential whereabouts, and dietary habits. To determine the cause of your allergy, you will be asked to undertake a blood test, a skin prick test, and a patch test.

    Blood Test
    A blood test is performed after the body is exposed to an allergen and antibodies are generated. Blood checks are used to determine how much Immunoglobulin E (IG-E)—the immune system’s allergic response—is present in the body. If the body’s IG-E levels are high, the individual is most likely allergic to something.

    Skin Test
    Also, called Puncture testing, this procedure is used to determine whether or not there are any allergic reactions present. A minimal amount of allergen is applied to a single point on the forearm or back in this test. The outer layer of the skin is rubbed to allow the allergen to seep in, and allergic symptoms appear. If there is some redness or inflammation on the skin, the person is suffering from an infection.

    Patch Test
    This procedure is performed on patients who have dermatitis or eczema. Special metal discs with potential allergens are taped to the back in this process. After 48 hours, the doctor scans for allergic reactions.

    Why Allergy Testing is Performed?

    Allergy tests may reveal which pollens, moulds, or other compounds to which you are allergic. Allergies can necessitate the use of medication. Your doctor can use the results of allergy tests to formulate an allergy treatment plan that involves allergen avoidance, prescriptions, or allergy shots (immunotherapy).

    Book Your Allergy Test at Home in Dubai

    We are here to take care of you and your unexpected allergic reaction instances. Our DHA-licensed medical experts will arrive at your doorstep to perform your allergy tests in-person and give you the exact resolution that you need. You can fully rely on the efficacy of our exclusive at-home Allergy Test service in Dubai.

    Book your Allergy Test at Home in Dubai with Aims Healthcare to ensure the best medical resolution for any emergency arising from an allergy.Call us on +971 505 136 505 or fill this form and our support team will contact you at the earliest.

    Allergy Test Frequently Asked Questions

    Planning to book an at-home Allergy Test by Aims Healthcare? Here are some commonly asked questions answered for you.

    Any diagnostic examination entails any level of harm. Allergy skin examinations include the possibility of allergy symptoms developing during the procedure. Itching and swelling of the skin where the scans are located are the most frequent symptoms. A more severe reaction may occur in extreme situations. As a result, skin checks should be performed by a professional. Pressure or bleeding at the needle mark is a possibility of allergic blood tests. Additionally, certain people can pass out during blood tests.

    Allergy testing is available for adults and children of all ages.

    Allergy testing should be performed on the skin or in the blood. Allergy examinations are usually performed with the supervision of an allergy expert. These experts are well-versed in the most effective approaches for diagnosing and treating allergies.

    Skin checks have fast results. They are usually less expensive than allergic blood testing. What are the drawbacks? Any medicines can cause the tests to fail. In addition, the tester’s ability will have an effect on the outcome. A individual with extensive experience should conduct the exam.

    Blood checks are convenient because they only require one needle prick. Medicine has little impact on the outcomes. However, getting the results takes a long time, and false positives will occur depending on the test. Skin scans are more expensive than blood tests. Allergy blood checks come in a variety of forms. Any personality types are more beneficial than others.

    Both forms of skin checks are relatively painless. Positive responses, on the other hand, produce itchy red bumps that look and sound like mosquito bites. Itching and bumps normally disappear in a matter of minutes or hours. Your allergist can apply a cream to your skin or prescribe an antihistamine to help you cope with the reaction.

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