Seeing your loved one staying at the hospital is nothing but stressful for every person. This is a significant reason people seek home nursing services in Dubai to eliminate unwanted stress and increase satisfaction and happiness. The increasing focus is also because more people prefer home healthcare services as home comfort is unparalleled and offers incredible leverage against illnesses, injuries, and diseases.

In the past few years, the preference for home nursing in Dubai was relatively low and not-so-demanded as compared to that of other countries. There were many reasons that best explain this fact. However, since the Covid-19 pandemic, people have seen how vulnerable they are against the deadly virus. This is when healthcare services become essential for people, and more people are focusing on home care medical assistance considering the outstanding benefits it offers. From comfort convenience to better and improved healthcare, home nursing in Dubai offers incredibly more than we can imagine.

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    How Aims Healthcare is Elevating Home Nursing Services in Dubai

    Aims Healthcare provides holistic and personalized patient-centric care to elevate your comfort, convenience, and privacy. We have a meticulous vetted team that provides perfect nursing and care giving at the comfort of your home to ensure that our patients are getting timely and centralized attention right at their homes.

    Offer Comfort Like Never Before

    Getting comforting and convenient healthcare at your home was merely a dream for many. Because of the unavailability of home healthcare in the previous times, people have to commute all the way to the hospitals or other medical centers to get themselves treated. They mostly have to wait in long queues at hospitals to get treatment. And what’s more stressing was the chances of catching various infections by exposing yourself to other patients and people at the hospital. On the other hand, staying in the hospital or medical center will also negatively impact a person’s mind.

    However, this has now been resolved as Aims Healthcare brings doctor on call service and nursing at home in Dubai that allows you to enjoy the coziness of your home and get the treatment at the same time. Our nurses are certified and licensed to provide the patient with top-class medical care in their own familiar settings. This helps people in staying positive and satisfied with the environment and helps them recover soon.

    Personalized Treatment Plan for All Patients

    The teams of doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, and medical staff provide incredible medical assistance to patients. Our service plans are customized and designed to provide personalized care to ensure that all the requirements are met healthily.

    Our doctors and nurses are DHA-certified, which helps them keep every patient’s requirements in mind before driving to a solution. We believe that personalized and patient-centric care helps in fast recovery as well as better the process of regaining your health and happiness.

    Regular Routine Becomes Manageable

    Some patients face extreme difficulty in performing regular tasks for themselves. These tasks include cleaning, cooking, grooming, bathing, or even walking. This is where our home nursing services are beyond mere understanding. Our professional and at-home nursing in Dubai helps patients of all ages in their regular routine work with support and care that we have never provided.

    Our nurses at home in Dubai are well-trained to assist in regular household chores while caring for your medical attention at all times. So, our medical teams at home ensure that patients are getting uninterrupted assistance in their daily living that helps them recover soon and ensure satisfaction.

    Caring Companionship for Quick Healing

    Our caring companionship is one of our teams’ best nursing services. This customized and caring companionship is particularly for elderly people who are in the later stages of life. This is where we outpace all the other home healthcare services with our combination of social companionship and regular activities that include walking, consuming meals, reading, and performing exercises to help speed the recovery process.

    We provide these top-notch level home nursing services to eliminate the chances of negativity and so that our patients are lively and happy at all times. Moreover, our nurses at home ensure that the patient gets the timely and required treatment to get swift recovery possible at the time of need.

    Get Unparalleled Support with Nutrition & Diet

    One of the concerning issues that a lot of patients generally face is improper diet and nutrition during recovery and treatment. The lack of essential nutrients results negatively in the recovery process. Particularly for elderly patients who need proper diet and nutrition and the medicinal intake to increase their recovering treatment, it only becomes possible when you have a personalized nurse at home who offers custom-made healthcare assistance.

    Aims Healthcare, the pioneer of home healthcare services in Dubai, provides nursing services at home to patients of all age groups. Our certified and experienced teams ensure to provide nutritional value to our patients to ensure their recovery and loss of lean body mass. Moreover, our nursing teams also provide nutritional counseling to swift our patients’ growth.

    Individual Focus

    Aims Healthcare home healthcare services are undoubtedly unique and incredibly meaningful for individual and one-on-one care for our clients. Our teams provide unparalleled home nursing services to build strong bonds between professionals and their clients. We firmly believe that patients who receive clinician services at the comfort and convenience of their home readily trust more on the care provider and ensure growth at all times.

    Efficient, Reliable & Personalized Service at Your Door-step

    Aims Healthcare provides at home service for Nursing Care and Doctor on Call. Just call or whatsapp us on +971 505 136 505, and our team will be there at your doorstep within 30 to 45 minutes.

    Our Home Nursing Services in Dubai

    Aims Healthcare provides holistic medical services to patients from all backgrounds. Our home nursing services have been life-saving for people in Dubai. Here are some of the services we provide;

    • Post-Surgery Patient Care at Home focuses on diet and medication management, post-operative site wound care, and assistance with daily life activities.
    • Post-Hospital Discharge Patient Care at Home in which a devoted nurse will support the health and function of a patient.
    • Night Nursing at Home particularly caters to the support and expertise during night hours. This ensures that your loved ones are being looked after at all times.
    • Infusion Therapy at Home caters to everything related to IV treatment and functioning. Our nurses here will administer intravenous medications, chemotherapeutic agents, blood transfusion, hydration therapy, total parenteral nutrition, and vitamin infusion with proper monitoring for signs of inflammation and complications.
    • Wound Care at Home is a service in which nurses assess the wound to ensure the normal wound healing process and prevent infection.
    • Oxygen Therapy at Home is another service where our expert nurses will collect vital information needed, which will be essential as they administer the exact dosage needed for oxygen therapy.
    • Medication Management at Home is another customized regimen that adds comfort and ease within excess of medicinal requirements.
    • Diabetes Management at Home service caters to diabetic patients, which include constant guidance in dietary requirements, physical exercise, and blood and sugar level monitoring.

    The Final Words

    If you need premium home care experience from experienced nurses and medical staff, and DHA-licensed, Aims Healthcare is your one-stop solution for all your needs. So the next time you are looking to seek better care for your loved ones, don’t think twice and consult with the professional in the field to get satisfying treatment.