Digital connectivity has elevated nearly all walks of our lives. From going shopping to studying and even availing healthcare services at home. The things that we couldn’t even consider in the past have somehow become a reality.

But when we talk about healthcare services at home, one couldn’t aptly divine how it will generally work – considering all the obstacles, traditional modes, and rigidness to accept the technology. In between all these questions, confusions, and obscurities – Aims Healthcare embarked on this globally changing idea to transform the healthcare industry by making it more convenient and elevated than ever before.

This is where the concept of Lab test at home services was birthed and emerged as a grand idea that offers incredible amenity and accessibility. It was a daunting task for the people caught up in between their work and home chores to manage times and reach the laboratories, clinics, medical facilities, or hospitals to give their samples and wait for the results. The very thought of living in that era is terrifying.

However, Aims Healthcare’s health check-up at home, lab test at home, PCR test at home, and doctor at home are some of the many services that gained substantial significance. The primary idea behind this was to give patients and people some incredible benefits to get quality services right at their homes.

Particularly in the present times of the Covid-19 virus, acquiring healthcare services at home has gained momentous importance. More people rely upon acquiring medical assistance and tests at home to save themselves from exposure to the deadly virus. For people who have to undergo regular tests – lab at home in Dubai service is nothing less than a great relief and blessing.

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    How Aims Healthcare’s Lab Test at Home in Dubai is Transforming Healthcare Industry

    Aims Healthcare is a robust network of doctors, home care nurses, and physiotherapists in Dubai. Our doctor on call service is changing how people used to go about healthcare services in the past.

    The teams at Aims Healthcare are revising the dynamics of lab tests by making them convenient and accessible in the most state-of-the-art way. Let’s find out more about the transformational lab tests facility at home from which anyone can take noteworthy benefits.

    Accessibility is Unparalleled

    Lab test at home offers incredible accessibility. It has become a new practice that the healthcare sector accepts at a large scale, considering people’s changing demands and interests. The accessibility that people get from being at their homes, offices, or any other desired location is beyond explanation.

    The remote accessibility now allows people to stay at home and make an appointment or booking with us, and our team will reach in the given or decided time frame to collect the samples. So, people don’t have to travel a long way to the hospital, wait for hours to submit their samples, and then wait for the reports. Whereas, our new approach allows people to stay at home, and our team will collect samples themselves. For elders, pregnant women, and working people, this accessibility is one of the greatest blessings.

    Comfort is Indescribable

    Imagine not going to the hospital for your blood sample collection and getting the comforting service at your home, office, or car by a professional medical team attending you. Yes, with Aims Healthcare lab test at home services, you can get a blood test at home, a pregnancy test at home, a food allergy test in Dubai at home, and a food intolerance test in Dubai.

    For this, our doctor on call Dubai will visit you in a few hours after setting an appointment and collect your sample. This hassle-free sample collection at home ensures that you get a safe service. Thus, you can go about work or stay comfy at home while our doctor at home in Dubai visits you.

    Safety & Hygiene Protocols Intact

    Aims Healthcare is not just providing doctors at home, health check-ups at home, or lab test at-home services. The utter focus is on maintaining high standards and quality while ensuring safety and hygiene factors as the most primary ones. We make the entire process safe, reliable, and standardized for homebound, occupied, and people living in remote areas in Dubai.

    Our teams are certified and licensed by Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and maintain high-quality standards over anything else. Be it for a blood test, Covid-19 test, or PCR test at home, each sample is collected most safely and hygienically per the health DHA guidelines.

    Unmatched Viability

    The remote collection of blood samples or other tests at home has gained incredible attention recently. The transition in people’s priorities has changed incredibly, and providing medical assistance to people in their preferred way has become a matter of paramount importance for Aims Healthcare.

    People can skip the long commutes and traffic congestions, eliminate the long waiting hours, don’t need to take a day off from work, compromise chores to have themselves tested, and get a perfect report. Well, this now has been resolved with Aims Healthcare advancing the initiative of acquiring lab tests at home for any purpose. This enables them to live as independently as possible in their own homes and get results in the meantime.

    Get 10,000+ Lab Test at your doorstep 24x7 anywhere in Dubai

    Aims Healthcare provides 24-hour at home service for Lab Test and Doctor on Call. Just call or whatsapp us on +971 505 136 505, and our team will be there at your doorstep within 30 to 45 minutes.

    Aims Healthcare’s Lab at Home Test Services

    Aims Healthcare is a one-stop solution for all your medical requirements at home. The doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers are DHA-licensed and certified and elevate the home healthcare experience by ensuring quality sample collection and accurate results for all sorts of medical prescriptions. Some of the common lab tests at home services are as follows;

    The Final Words

    Lab test at home has gained pivotal limelight from people as it offers convenience, accessibility, and comfort like never before. You can make a call for a booking. A professional team of doctors backed up with nurses, or medical workers will reach your preferred location, home, or office for sample collection following the strict protocols and conduct tests at the international standard laboratories for 100% accurate results.

    So, if you need any medical attention or want a lab at home for sample collection, book Aims Healthcare today for the satisfying process at your convenience and location.