We live in an age with tons of utilities on a daily basis. Most of these are some that we can’t even handle and some become out of control. The busy work life and home chores have added more to our occupancies. And with this highly worked up routine and lifestyle, getting time for healthcare checkups, lab tests, or even PCR testing has become difficult.

The fuss and hassle of going to a physical doctor, hospital, or laboratory can be worrisome. This is where getting healthcare services at home has gained momentous focus from people. With this, acquiring PCR tests at home has also fallen into much consideration for people.

The polymerase chain reaction, i.e., the PCR test is the approved and mostly acquired test for the Covid-19 detection. This test is both locally and internationally approved. However, acquiring PCR tests at home is the new normal that has been a relieving process for people. This offers reliable results, convenience, comfort, and satisfaction. This to become incredibly easier with Aims Healthcare, the professional and reliable service provider of the Covid-19 PCR test at home, hotel, office, or anywhere in Dubai.

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    When Should You Acquire PCR Test at Home?

    The signs and symptoms of the Covid-19 infection are some and vary from mild to severe. Mostly the signs and symptoms are associated with a respiratory system that includes fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc.

    However, in severe conditions, the infections can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and sometimes death. Having said this, here are a few of the more symptoms that intensified the need to take a PCR test at home from Aims Healthcare;

    • High fever
    • Continual coughing
    • Shortness of breath
    • Fatigue
    • Loss of taste and smell
    • Sore throat
    • Congestion or runny nose
    • Nausea
    • Diarrhea
    • Pneumonia

    Is At Home PCR Test Possible in Dubai?

    Despite several testing centers are catering to people, getting the desired services of PCR test at the comfort of your home or hotel has transformed interest and priorities. The process of Aims Healthcare is holistically performed to give satisfying and accurate results eliminating all the hassles and stresses.

    Aims Healthcare focuses on providing premium quality PCR testing facilities to its clients or patients. So, it does not matter where you are, it could be your home, office, hotel, or anywhere else, our professional team is always on the go to provide you with a reliable and accurate experience.

    How to Get a PCR Test at Home in Dubai?

    Getting an at home PCR test has never been this easy. It is true beyond all doubt that no one likes to be stuck in long traffic queues and wait for lines at the centers when all this can be eliminated by just making the right choice. Moreover, it also elevates the chances of saving yourself from exposure to the Covid-19 virus.

    At Aims Healthcare, we make the entire process impressively convenient. We don’t ask you to come to our testing center. Instead, we enable you with the choice to avail of our services right at your doorstep by making an online appointment.

    During the inevitable havoc that has been created by the Covid-19 outbreak, our lives have been impacted unimaginably. Saving yourself from exposure and following safety protocols at all times has become more essential than ever before. And at this point, we office an easy and comforting process of taking PCR test service at home through the following steps;

    1. The first process involves making an appointment. You can simply make a call at 800 AIMS (2467) or WhatsApp at +971 505 136 505 to book our team for yourself or a family member.
    2. The next step comes where our professional will do sample collection. Here our PCR test at your doorstep service team will reach your preferred location and collect your sample for testing.

    The last part comes where you get the accurate report to get going with your planned tasks. Our reports are accurate and reliable. Moreover, we have maintained a strict policy of report creation that Dubai Health Authority has settled. This report will then be shared with you via email or a text message within 20-30 hours.

    Benefits of Taking a PCR Test at Home in 2022 from Aims Healthcare

    Who wouldn’t like to get healthcare services at the comfort of their home? I guess, everyone does like it. Keeping this in mind, we have designed a well-thought and result-proven process of providing a home PCR test in Dubai to uplift our client’s comfort and exceed their expectations. So, here are a few of the prominent benefits that you will get by taking PCR at home from Aims Healthcare;

    • The flexibility of timings and response is guaranteed.
    • You can choose the place yourself where you want your samples to be collected.
    • Our teams are always on the go. Thus ensuring your convenience and availability at all times.
    • Irrespective of day or time, our professionals are catering to patients at night times, on weekends, and even during festive seasons.
    • You can rely on our team of professional and certified nurses and doctors.
    • You can book an appointment incredibly faster by just making a few clicks and getting the expert team coming right your way.
    • Our DHA-licensed doctors will ensure your health by eliminating extra medicinal consumption and ensuring your recovery.
    • Our at home PCR for the Covid-19 detection gives 100% accurate results so you can plan your travel, resuming office, or any other activity with this.

    Aims Healthcare is a registered, accredited, and trustworthy healthcare service at a home provider that has gained an incredible reputation with its reliable and exact results.

    Caring Companionship for Quick Healing

    Our caring companionship is one of our teams’ best home care nursing services. This customized and caring companionship is particularly for elderly people who are in the later stages of life. This is where we outpace all the other home healthcare services with our combination of social companionship and regular activities that include walking, consuming meals, reading, and performing exercises to help speed the recovery process.

    We provide these top-notch level home nursing services to eliminate the chances of negativity and so that our patients are lively and happy at all times. Moreover, our nurses at home ensure that the patient gets the timely and required treatment to get swift recovery possible at the time of need.

    Plan Your PCR Test in Dubai Today – The Final Words

    We strive to provide results to our clients in a few hours to ensure that our client can plan their pursuits accordingly. Because of this, we have gained the incredible trust of clients preferring us over all the others. From our standards and policies to the deliverance of results, we make the entire process transparent and satisfying.

    So, if you have to plan your covid-19 PCR test at home, make the right call by picking the professionals and the leading name in this field to get tested by a reliable and accredited healthcare service provider.