We are often puzzled by what to eat and what not to. This leaves everyone completely speechless, and we often make food choices that we shouldn’t be consuming at all. Without understanding the importance of what we are putting inside our bodies, we select modern-day foods that are nothing but slowly poisoning our bodies.

But what are the modern-day food items?

Well, if you look around yourself, you will probably find different fast-food restaurants around you. Most of these restaurants are serving you modern-day canned and preserved food. They most likely have had the food in the microwave to heat and fry it in oil to multiply the harmfulness – leading to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, strokes, kidney malfunction, and whatnot.

Have you ever imagined the reason for you being frustrated, exhausted, and stressed out all the time? Well, the answer to it is simple, it is because of the unhealthy and poor-quality food that we eat in the name of modern-day food. In addition, these food items also result in food allergy and intolerance which might elevate your chances of further health worsening.

Remember that your life, as well as your body, is like a car – the fuel and lubricant you put in it determines the engine’s life, performance, and speed. The poorer the quality, the shorter the life and ridiculous the performance would be. This is where getting to know the drastic and devastating effects of these modern foods on us. And as always, Aims Healthcare brings first-hand knowledge for its readers to widen their horizons and let them know what’s good for them and what’s not. So, this read becomes incredibly pivotal for a healthy, happy, and satisfying life with a win-win situation.

Learning About the Silent Killers

According to the University of Washington study in 2019, modern-day foods such as bad foods and bad diets are responsible for several diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, strokes, and sometimes cancer.

Modern foods such as sugary beverages, fats, processed foods, canned meat, premade meals, and high-fructose corn syrups are unhealthy foods and considered toxic to our metabolism, digestive system, and health. These are the reasons why diseases are rapidly and readily emerging, and hence healthcare requirements have surged in the recent few years. Particularly, during the Covid-19 outbreak, the unhealthy people were on the brink of getting more affected due to the poor immune system.

1. Sugary Beverages

In our contemporary world, sugary drinks are the most addictive beverages. And the fact that some of us drink those in replacement of water is worrisome.

Over the years, these sweet beverages have incredibly suited our taste buds and literally made us all so much addicted to them more than water. In fact, our appetite is naturally attracted to sweet drinks with carbonated water and lots of sugar and nothing else. We are excessively becoming the victim of this sugar-coated poison.

The stop to these poison sellers doesn’t seem to be seen anywhere. On the other hand, this sugary drink consumption is rising dramatically due to widespread urbanization and beverage marketing. According to the UConn Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity analysis, sweetened drinks contributed to $1.2 billion in sales of sweet drinks.

The consumption of this product leads to various diseases and often paths to unproductive lifestyles. The basic reason is that these products lack substantially in providing the useful and necessary nutrients to the body. And to adjust the need for this, you will need IV therapy from Aims Healthcare.

2. The Frequently Ordered Junk Food

Junk food is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. And pizza is a famous food item in the junk category, and it has become the most commercial item that is unhealthy. The ingredients such as refined dough, processed meat, frozen cheese, refrigerated chicken, and canned items with artificial flavors tend to add up into many diseases by stuffing you with lots of calories.

According to research, the urban lifestyle has raised fast-food consumption to 5.8% per year. This high consumption of products leads to high cholesterol issues and further deteriorates the health. So that is an eye-opener for you. It doesn’t offer any nutritional value to us but is, in fact, utterly unhealthy unless you are making it with healthy and fresh ingredients at home.

3. Breakfast Cereals

Processed food will never be nutritional – no matter what. Despite that, they are considered nutritious, and parents give them to their children almost every day. When we talk about breakfast cereals, one thing that is not talked about often is that they are processed cereal grains that are marketed as a healthy alternative to the usual breakfast. They are made from wheat, rice, corn, oats, and loads of preservatives.

Moreover, it contains several artificial flavors, colorings, and sugar that shouldn’t be made part of any healthy meal. But these things are added because, without them, the taste wouldn’t be appealing. They are highly mixed up with additional sugar to sweeten the taste for surging sales. And regular consumption of this might lead to severe health concerns.

4. The Little Scoundrels - Pastries, Cakes & Cookies

Eating pastries, cakes, and cookies have become the new normal as the world is pacing forward. Our normal day completely feels nothing or incomplete without them. But one thing that we don’t consider is that they are silently stabbing our health under disguise. The fancy packaging, made with artificial flavors and with excessive sugar to add an appealing taste, is all but silently killing us from the inside.

Furthermore, they are a great source of Trans fats and are mostly not made with fresh and quality ingredients. Nonetheless, they are leading to various alarming signs of health concerns.

5. White Bread – The Go-To Poison We Consume

White bread has become a commercial food item of the modern-day food list. With this, most commercial bread is made with unhealthy ingredients. Nevertheless, they are still the unhealthiest consumed food item in most countries.

The manufacturers manipulate the people by advertising it as completely refined wheat, which is low in fiber and filled with essential nutrients. But the reality speaks differently as they are completely filled with particles and substances that cause blood sugar.

Let’s Wrap Up with Some Vital Tips

Well, if you plan on living a healthy life, these are some excellent alternatives for changing your diet plans. The DHA-certified doctor on call Dubai at Aims Healthcare recommends these tips to focus on healthy and happy living. With this said, here are some significant vital pieces of advice to focus on.

  • Everyone loves to drink flavored water. Keeping this in mind, sometimes adding a slice of lemon to your water can be an excellent alternative.
  • Instead of ordering from restaurants, try making your meals at home with fresh items to stay healthy and fit.
  • Eating whole-grain bread or Ezekiel bread are great alternatives for white bread.
  • Instead of buying flavored and sugared cereals, you must go for cereals that are high in fiber and low in sugar.
  • Eating yogurt with fresh fruit or dark chocolates can be an exciting change for desserts and pastries.