Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of medical professionals are fully trained and experienced in their respected fields. All our medical professionals are qualified and licensed by Dubai Health Authority.

Aims Healthcare’s home health care service uniquely provides the best medical care at the comfort of your home, without the added hassles of travel and waiting for appointments. Doctors, physiotherapists, midwives, nurses, caregivers and medical experts are ready to meet you at your home, office or hotel and provide diagnosis, treatment and medical care until full recovery is attained.

Home caregivers and nurses
Pregnancy care
Support care for mothers
Baby and child care
Elderly care
Palliative care
Physiotherapy at home
Home vitamin infusion therapy

– People who are in need of diagnosis and medical attention
– Patients who have received recommendations from their doctors
– Patients in need of medical treatment and attention
– Newly discharged and post-surgery patients
– New and expectant mothers in need of care and support
– Newborns, babies and children in need of medical attention and care giving
– People interested in vitamin infusion at the comfort of their own environment
– Elderly in need of care and support

Our dedicated helpline is manned by highly trained medical experts who can assist you with any query and help match your medical needs with the proper service and medical expert.

You can choose to call as soon as possible and we will arrive at your door in 45 minutes or less or call a day ahead so we can coordinate your pre-existing medical requirements to our services and our roster of medical experts.

A complete diagnosis is done together with an overall health and environmental assessment to determine the next steps to treatment and recovery. From there, our team will provide you with:

– Assessment of patients and his/her surroundings
– Proper care plan
– Information regarding treatment options
– Medical recommendations
– Overall recovery goal
– Medicinal requirements
– Laboratory Samples collections
– Medicine Delivery

Our medical experts are fully trained to provide utmost care to your loved ones. Given that medical history and requirements are already handed over, it would be ideal to be around for the initial stages of caregiving so we can share valuable information to help educate all members of the family of the patient’s requirements and treatments.
Yes, our registered nurses can be present at your requests as long as needed.
Duration and frequency of visits solely depend on the progress of the patient’s health as well as the doctor’s recommendation. Preferred timing can be personalized to the patient’s convenience.
Yes, our registered nurses, caregivers, therapists and midwives can be present at your requests wherever and as long as needed given timely arrangements beforehand.

Caregivers specialize in non-medical care such as aid in daily routines and tasks, bathing, dressing, feeding and companionship. They can also aid in ensuring medicines are taken on time and in food preparation.

Our registered nurses are DHA approved and fully licensed to administer medical treatments, assess patient’s condition, take note and monitor vital signs, manage wound care, provide 24/7 support and administer medicines as per prescriptions. They are also highly capable in identifying issues and making recommendations for recovery.

Midwives specialize in all aspects of motherhood, including babycare. They provide overall support and education that encompasses aspects of motherhood from pregnancy care to breastfeeding, and newborn and babycare from swaddling and baby weaning.

You can choose to extend the service of our medical experts after medical goals are achieved. Our team is available for short-term stays, overnight accompaniment and long-term care, as long as you may need.
We partnered with the hospitals in Dubai and can easily refer you to the nearest and most trusted medical institutions in the city.