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Lab Sample Collection by DHA Licensed Nurses
Certified & International Accredited Labs

Physician Reviewed Results

Lab Tests Result in Just 2-3 Hours for all routine tests

Direct Contact with senior medical team

24/7 x 365 Days premium service

Food Allergy Test At Home

The primary purpose of a food allergy blood test at home is to find whether you have an immune reaction to a certain kind of food or ingredient. This is where our certified doctors and healthcare professionals identify and understand your immune system by analyzing your blood. After this, they develop a diet plan and deliver it to your home, mentioning the foods you need to eliminate from your diet because the little use of that particular ingredient or food can trigger the allergy and thus lead to fatal results.

So, diagnosing food allergies is important because the allergies can become life-threatening. Thus, once the food allergy is suspected, our doctors might ask you to undergo a skin prick test and an oral food challenge.

Food Intolerance Test At Home

Aims Healthcare provides a comforting and convenient food intolerance test at home for people having trouble digesting certain foods or ingredients. Our DHA-Certified doctors and nurses offer reliable and accurate testing based on the symptoms and foods you usually consume.

We have licensed dietitians who conduct food intolerance testing to eliminate the minor causes for long-term health issues. So, if you feel inflamed or intolerant to any food, acquiring our food intolerance test at home is highly beneficial and comforting because we respect your privacy and collect samples from your home while adhering to all the medical guidelines set by DHA.

Gluten Intolerance Test At Home

Our gluten intolerance test at home is reliable and accurate for detecting the presence of IgA tissue transglutaminase antibodies (tTG) in whole blood. And once our professional team collects the sample from your home and sent for testing at our internationally accredited laboratories, we create a report of the presence of certain antibody proteins that indicates an immune reaction to gluten consumption. After this, our certified doctors will develop a gluten-free diet plan to help you recover soon and live a happy life. So, if you identify common symptoms like diarrhea, fatigue, weight loss, softening of bone, etc., book a gluten intolerance test at home from the professionals in Dubai.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Aims Healthcare is a pioneer for quality healthcare services in Dubai. Our lab at home service helps you experience comfort and convenience like never before. Here are a few reasons why you should pick us for at home lab test services;

    • You can skip the long queues for lab tests.
    • Our 24 hours laboratory services are reliable with accurate results.
    • We offer blood and urine test at home that protects your privacy and offer the comfort of your home.
    • We provide quick and 100% accurate results at your doorstep.
    • Our teams are certified and licensed by Dubai Health Authority.

    Aims Healthcare focuses on providing comfort and convenience to its patients. For this, our lab test at home facility is excellent, confidential, and convenient. Find out some of the benefits you get when taking lab tests at home from Aims Healthcare.

    • Our 24/7 availability offers no more waiting time.
    • You can skip the long queues.
    • For blood tests at home, our process is hassle-free.
    • Our certified teams of nurses and doctors do blood sample collection at home conveniently in your comfort.
    • We provide 100% accurate results so you can set your mind at ease.
    • Our processes are according to the high standards of DHA that cater to top-level hygiene levels.

    Aims Healthcare is a 24/7 and 365 home care service to provide incredible medical assistance to patients across Dubai. Our lab at home service offers convenient and comforting service regardless of the day, time, and location. So, if you are at your home, hotel, or office, you can just book an appointment with our team and acquire international standardized lab service at your home.

    Aims Healthcare is a complete professional and leading powerhouse of medical assistance and home healthcare services in Dubai. Our blood sample collection at home is a convenient service in Dubai that gives our clients comfort and peace of mind.

    Once our team collects the sample from your hotel, office, or home, they will directly bring the sample for testing in our standardized labs. And you will be given a time frame upon sample collection. Normally, we provide reports in 24 hours.

    Gluten intolerance has always been a common problem. Therefore, you must get tests for gluten allergy at home if you find the following symptoms;

    • Diarrhea
    • Bloting
    • Abdominal pain
    • Headache and fatigue
    • Skin problems like rashes
    • Sudden weight loss
    • Muscle and joint pains
    • Leg or arm numbness

    Before undergoing a food allergy test at home, you are not required to fast or have an empty stomach. You can eat or drink anything before the test.

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