elderly care at home in dubai

Elderly Care at Home – Senior livings should get benefit of medical care at home in Dubai!

Senior citizens are a blessing and they should be treated with care. After spending their whole life for the betterment of their children, they deserve better care and support when they need it. Looking after our beloved senior is sure to be a difficult task, you need to cater everything to their needs, provide personal care, and all that with your busy schedule. A long to-do list can push you against the wall, its hectic and it’s hard to take care of everything while managing your career life as well.

In case if all that is managed, the visits to the doctor can be most tiring and time-consuming and nearly impossible without time management. Driving to the clinic or hospital, then waiting for hours, and after seeing the doctor driving back home, can take more than half of your day. Health Management for Seniors at Home service is a blessing. It not only gives caretakers peace of mind but, your home is the actual place where the elder feels the happiest. As we all know, post retirement, to live happy, healthy and longer, let them live their own way.

Elderly care can include a lot of things. They may suffer from a range of health problems, like everyday ailments that can affect them. A health care team can address any hidden concerns which can become a problem for seniors. With the passage of time, a person’s general health may start to deteriorate. Some common concerns can include urinary or fecal incontinence, decreased mobility, increasing domestic accidents due to low orientation, difficulty managing at home, or decreasing memory. Professionals can help them better with expert senior care advice on a vast range of common things, which can help them to manage things better.

How can I begin with Health Management for Seniors at Home?

Booking an appointment is just a phone call away with an Elderly care doctors and other medical professionals. The doctor will visit your home at the decided time along with a nurse/caregiver for the assessment of previous medical records and current problems as well. The health assessment is highly beneficial for;

  • Identifying any unknown health problems that may require attention
  • Reviewing medication as per requirement
  • Keeping them informed and motivated about their health
  • Information about or the initiation of senior care services
  • Home interior modification if required
  • Referral to appropriate health professionals
  • An overall control with precautions

Specialist doctors understand older citizens well, and they will also be available in case of minor emergencies. Our staff is highly qualified, accredited, and equipped to provide comprehensive Senior Care at home at any time of the day. You can have peace of mind as we will provide detailed reports about all health issues after every visit.

What are we offering?

We are offering different Senior Care at home services as per the needs of every individual. We provide experienced geriatricians, nurses and caregivers who can take better care of your loved ones. You can schedule regular visits as per your requirement. Other than that, we offer the following services.

Health Management for Seniors at Home
In many cases, seniors are unable to take care of their obvious health and personal responsibility. With the aging process, our body’s nutritional needs increase, and they are unable to identify it. Our Health Management for Seniors at Home recognizes the needs of every individual and plans nutritional therapy and diet plans according to their needs. Many seniors are complaining and very specific about their tastes and preferences, so we will consider that too and plan something which will not disturb their medicines, health issues, chronic illnesses, and fitness goals.

Physiotherapy for Seniors at Home
As we age, our body inevitably goes through many physical changes. These natural age-related changes include reduced bone density, decreased muscle strength, increased body fat, more reduced coordination, and stiff joints. These common aging issues make them slow, less mobile, and put them at fall risk too. Physiotherapy for Seniors at Home is necessary for them either, prescribed or not. Our professional Physiotherapy for Seniors at Home will consider the needs and tailor everything according to their requirements. They will also advise on how to safely exercise so that older people can realize the benefits of exercise. In the case of injury or recovery from the surgery Physiotherapy for Seniors at Home is essential. 

Companionship for Seniors At Home
Sure, elders enjoy being home, but that can make them lonely as well. They need companionship, either due to disability, less mobility, or simply to be with someone. Many seniors struggle with elderly isolation, a condition that is strongly linked with poor emotional and physical health. Other seniors have to cope with age-related difficulties, which makes it hard to perform everyday tasks and activities. Our proficient caregivers can understand the needs of your elder and tailor their services as per their needs and requirements. To conclude it all, the services is designed and executed to increase the medical conveniences for our beloved Senior Citizens at home with a professional touch of care and emotions necessary.

Aims Healthcare

Aims Healthcare intertwines superior medical practices with accessibility of highly qualified medical professionals to yield exceptional patient care and clinical outcomes. We take medical care one step further by providing first-rate home healthcare and doctor-on-call services at your doorstep. We are available any time of day for you and every member of your family.