Refreshing the good old times – Doctor visit at Home

In the era of the 1930s, it was a common practice for doctors to visit patients when required. It was a regular practice for doctors’ visits at Home if somebody is ill condition, unconscious, or seriously injured or even unable to leave Home. The home doctor services contributed a lot to improve overall health and well-being. Patients didn’t have to wait for diagnosis and treatment for their basic medical needs in long queues and travel long distances on busy roads.

With time, this practice defunct. But now, in the modern era, experts have realized that doctor at home service had many advantages. It was regular and thriving in an age without phones, then why not make it a lot better with advancements and the latest technology.

A family physician was just like family member; they came for regular visits whenever any member of a family needs medical attention. They were aware of each member of the family, their medical history, their living conditions because usually 2-3 generations of a family were taken care by the same doctors. In the current situation, when patients seem to struggle and wait for long hours to meet their doctors despite his present condition. This practice appears to contribute to stress, and many patients even skip regular visits because they need assistance to go to the hospital.

In any era, the need to friendly, reliable, and professional home doctors remains the same, especially in the case of kids, elderly and people of determination who need assistance while traveling to the doctor. According to recent studies, the return back of doctor at home or home doctor can make things better for many patients. This practice not only gives patients much needed medical care but also leads to a quick recovery at their own convenience.

Doctor visit at Home- Making a come back

Realizing the benefits of doctors visiting home, many professionals are offering their services on call. The benefits are as follows:

Peace of Mind
The first and for the most advantage of doctor on call is the peace of mind it gives. It leaves a significant impact on the mind of the patient as well as their family and caretakers. Commonly in case of an elderly who needs assistance. In any illness, patients don’t have to wait for hours to see the doctor. 

Diet And Nutrition Care
Proper diet and nutrition are the second most important thing for patients with their medication. It is very common in case if the patient is recently discharged from the hospital, suffering from a chronic condition or above 65 years. All these factors can contribute to loss of appetite, which leads to weakness. Doctors at home can assess and recommend a proper diet in a better way as compared to clinical visits, ensuring personalized and convenient healthcare, especially beneficial for senior care at home.

Proper Medication Management
In some cases, it is hard for patients to manage an appropriate medication. It can lead to severe problems in both cases if the patient is not taking proper medicine or over dosage. Doctor visit at Home can provide better assistance to get over the issues and prevent harmful drug interaction.

Healthcare Management And Companionship
Research shows that patients tend to get better faster with social interaction.  Doctor at home can become patients’ companions. Visiting regularly can also become trusted friends. It can be beneficial for both patients and doctors to provide better assistance and care. 

One-on-One Focus – Home Doctors
Can provide better support and assistance in a friendly environment. Doctors can better assess the living condition, quality of life, and safety precautions. Form placing a rug on a slippery floor to recommending better ways of living. 

Affordable And Better Medical Assistance
According to a research doctor, visit at Home costs less as compared to clinical visits. Not to mention reduction in commuting cost and time. Also, regular home nursing services or therapies cost less at Home.

Aims Healthcare – a state of art service provider.

Aims Healthcare is playing a leading role in providing home health care and support amongst families in Dubai, just like old times. Old age citizens, tourists, pregnant ladies, kids and people of determination can benefit from doctor visits at Home the most

With an ambition to provide fastest and quality medical assistance with the strategic delivery of reliable, efficient and professional medical services makes Aims Healthcare state of art service provider in the Dubai.  Our main objectives are;

  • Provide premium health care service at your home and hotel by highly qualified and passionate team
  • Keep up the fastest response rate in providing the highest quality Home healthcare services 24×7 across Dubai
  • Highly managed sample collection and laboratory tests facility to provide hassle-free medical assistance to tourists
  • Keep ourselves up to date with the latest health care technology to benefit our patients the most

Aims Healthcare

Aims Healthcare intertwines superior medical practices with accessibility of highly qualified medical professionals to yield exceptional patient care and clinical outcomes. We take medical care one step further by providing first-rate home healthcare and doctor-on-call services at your doorstep. We are available any time of day for you and every member of your family.