We live in a fast-paced world where getting medical attention at the right time becomes unnecessary most times. People often become confused and let the medical attention as not concerning and let it go, and this is what becomes severe with time and sometimes leads to fatal results.

Particularly, amidst the uncertain period of the Covid-19 and ongoing restrictions, people prefer not to visit the hospital or get a clinician facility. It is probably because many people don’t want to expose themselves to the potential chances of catching the virus. And yes, it is wise to save yourself this way.

However, this never means you should refrain from calling the doctor on call from Aims Healthcare. In fact, this service has become a game-changing factor for people wishing to acquire doctor on call in Dubai from a professional medical facility like Aims Healthcare.

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    Signs to Call Doctor on Call Immediately

    Here are the most common signs that people usually ignore or fail to give importance to and regret later in the longer run. Call the doctor at home from Dubai’s leading medical facility, Aims Healthcare, if you come across any of these signs.

    1. Having Red or Pink Eyes

    Having red or pink eye is a leading cause of conjunctivitis, which demands an early response. This is a severe problem that might lead to deadly results. The visual problems are severe and require immediate medical attention.

    In fact, this is an infection and inflammation of the tiny membrane present in the human eye that might have been caused due to bacterial infection. So, calling on doctor on call from Aims Healthcare ensures that your pink eye issue gets resolved timely.

    2. Lost the Sense of Smell or Taste

    Losing the sense of smell or taste is one of the major indications that you have contacted yourself with the Covid-19 symptoms. This is when calling the doctor on call becomes even more significant.

    In this condition, going out, meeting people, or conducting regular tasks might put others’ lives at risk as you become a major reason for spreading the virus unless confirmed. So, calling a healthcare team at home from Aims Healthcare will ensure you get tested by the professionals right at the comfort of your home and get reports to decide the process further. Our PCR test at home in Dubai is an excellent way to check for the Covid-19 positivity that gives fast and accurate results for the patient’s contentment.

    3. Abdominal Pain

    Abdominal pain is another indicator of getting immediate medical attention without wasting time. Upon calling, our certified and DHA-licensed doctor will reach your home, hotel, or office to give immediate medical attention and provides medicines to relieve the persistent pain.

    4. Coughing up Blood

    Coughing up blood is alarming medical attention that can be happening from various points. According to some leading medical journals, it is an irritation to the lungs, and forceful coughing can cause a small blood vessel to bleed in the airway.

    Moreover, another research shows that it might be happening because of the Covid-19 exposure that resulted in the coughing up blood, also known as hemoptysis. So, call our doctor on call and get fast and responsive medical attention at your comfort.

    5. Severe Fever

    If you have a severe fever, perhaps it is wise to call home healthcare from Aims Healthcare and get checked for probable Covid-19 virus. The expert and the certified doctor will examine you and ask for an express PCR test at home and get reports at your earliest.

    Moreover, our expert doctors will provide you with professional treatment against the infectious virus that can be happening because of viral and bacterial. Moreover, if the Covid-19 gets positive, our team will immediately respond to your aid and provide utmost medical services that fast-paces your recovery.

    6. Shortness of Breath

    Shortness of breath is another ignored medical need that people often forget to cater to. There are several reasons for shortness of breath. From exertion due to exercises, asthma, or illness from exposure to the Covid-19 virus. And as one of the major symptoms of the Covid-19 infection, this demands early monitoring and solution. At this point, if you feel shortness of breath, calling a doctor on call from Aims Healthcare is the best way to provide yourself immediate professional healthcare attention.  

    Our DHA-certified medical staff will reach you in 30-45 minutes for immediate treatment and conduct a PCR test at home, hotel, or office with superior medical attention.

    Moreover, attending to this concern also becomes pivotally essential because most people who are stricken with the Covid-19 virus have minimal symptoms in the beginning. But it eventually leads to shortening of breath, which leads to severe results if don’t cater in time.

    7. Having Sore Throat

    Soring of the throat is a result of various issues. And of them is exposure to viruses and bacteria. Upon calling doctors or home nursing Dubai from Aims Healthcare, our team, strictly adhering to the standard protocols set by the Dubai Health Authority, will perform a swab test for the Covid-19 virus detection and thus provides you with the report in merely 20 hours. Seeking medical attention at home for sore throat prevents the worsening of fever.

    8. Feeling Fatigued

    Various reasons cause the feeling of fatigue. And of them is the Covid-19 virus. However, fatigue is detected with flu or body aches, a high probability increases that you have been exposed to the fatal virus. Asking for a home doctor’s assistance for this matter will likely save you from later regret. Our licensed doctors and nurses at home will help you with the fatigue by including a lot of fluids in your diet and suggest resting to recover soon.

    The Final Words

    Medical attention is necessary. In fact, immediate assistance becomes certain if you meet any of the above health concerns. Taking timely precautions medical service from the professional healthcare staff in Dubai will ensure your health and wellness. Our doctor on call and healthcare workers at any location in Dubai will ensure you live your life in a healthy, satisfying, and smiling way.