New variants of the Covid-19 pandemic have been continuously emerging, getting their grip stronger in different parts of the world. The all-new Omicron is surging to drastically alarming figures in nearly different countries. And it has led many people to take PCR tests to see whether they test positive or not.

PCR means polymerase chain reaction test that is considered the most reliable and accurate test for diagnosing Covid-19 or its emerging variants. This test is relatively famous for its accurate results that help a person determine if they have been exposed to the virus or not. The basic intent of this article is to educate our readers about what a PCR test is and how you can take a PCR test at home from the professional Doctor on call Dubai, i.e., Aims Healthcare.

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    Understanding PCR Test

    PCR test is a worldwide famous test for detecting and diagnosing Covid-19. In this test, the detection of genetic material that is present in a specific organism is done that is known as a virus. The PCR test is holistic conduction to diagnose the presence of the Covid-19 virus in a human body. Even if the slightest of fragments are detected, the report will be positive. However, the little presence of elements is not harmful to the human body.

    The polymerase chain reaction is a profound molecular test that analyzes the respiratory organ of a human body. This is being done to detect genetic material, i.e., ribonucleic acid or RNA for short) of SARS-CoV-2. This is a virus that causes Covid-19 to any person.

    The use of a PCR test is a way to detect the small amounts of RNA fragments in a body that becomes detectable at the time of test running. All over the world, the PCR test is considered the most accurate and top-notch level test to diagnose the presence of Covid-19.

    The Working of PCR Test

    The quantitative polymerase chain reaction, the worldwide recognized test for Covid-19, is used to detect the presence of Covd-19 in a specimen. During this test method, a professional add fluorescent dyes to the PCR process that gives a perfect measurement of the overall amount of genetic material in a sample. The healthcare workers and test conductors work out the measure to amount the genetic material from Covid-19 virus presence. Here is detailed conduction of the PCR test process;

    • Step one requires sanitizing yourself or washing your hands with a soap to disinfect before test conduction.
    • The following step requires you to open your mouth wide and run the swab over your tonsils. However, this is where a healthcare professional remains.
    • The test starts when a healthcare professional collects your samples using a nasal swab or saliva tube.
    • The collection of material then undergoes a PCR test where the presence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has been determined.
    • The PCR test is converted from a single-stranded RNA to double-stranded DNA in a single process called reverse transcription.
    • This is where two DNA template strands are separated from each other.
    • The next is primers which are short stretches of DNA that initiate the PCR reaction and are designed to bind to either side of the section of DNA you wish to copy.
    • PCR test also involves a holistic process of heating and cooling, which is termed thermal cycling. This process is carried out by a machine. The final process involves three main stages;
      • The first is Denaturing, in which the double-stranded template DNA is heated to get a final single stands DNA. This process usually takes around 15 to 30 seconds in total.
      • The second is Annealing, in which the temperature is lowered to enable the DNA primers and attach the template DNA. The time period of this is around 10 to 30 seconds.
      • The last in this process is Extending, in which the temperature is raised to a new strand of DNA which is made up of the Taq polymerase enzyme.
    • These three steps mentioned above are repeated for 20 minutes to 40 minutes. In each repetition of the process, the DNA copies and number of heating is doubled.
    • This process can take up to several hours of continuous heating and settling it down.
    • However, the process can be quickened by integrating the latest technology and high-speed machines that Aims Healthcare contains to conduct express PCR test Dubai.
    • Now, thus moving towards the final step in which a method is repeated to called electrophoresis in which the total quantity and size of the DNA fragments have been observed to determine the final results of the test.

    The Results of PCR Test

    After conducting the above-stated process of PCR test, it is time to get the final results. At the point of determining the results, you can get three types of results;

    • The first is the unfortunate one, i.e., positive. It happens when the SARS-CoV-2 primers match the DNA in the collected sample, and the sequence is rather amplified. It is where millions of amplified copies are gathered. This clearly indicates that the collected sample from a specimen is positive with the exposure to the virus.
    • The next is the negative one in which the SARS-CoV-2 primers do not match the genetic material, and there is no sign of amplification. This indicates that the sample doesn’t contain any virus.
    • The next and final is a false negative in which a person is infected, and there is no indication of a vital genetic material in the sample for the PCR test to detect it. It usually happens when a person is exposed to a virus.

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    Why is PCR Test Comparatively Better Than Others?

    Describing PCR test better than any other Covid-19 test such as Antigen or a rapid test can be a little complicated, but not after a viable explanation for it.

    In general, all the tests have their significance when it comes to detecting the results. However, the PCR test leads all the way up. The PCR test is a gold standard test for detecting Covid-19 presence in a specimen. It is also the most widely recognized and accurate way of getting a solid answer. The best Doctor at home in Dubai also recommends PCR Covid-19 test as the most extraordinary for detecting the developing symptoms.

    But once a positive result through PCR test might also show the same results in the same week because of the presence of small fragments. However, it is succinctly clear that the person isn’t infected longer and is free from the contagious virus.

    Furthermore, Dr. Ting Ting Wong, a specialist in infectious diseases at New York-Presbyterian Medical Group Brooklyn, states that if a patient has undergone PCR, Antigen, or Rapid test all at the same time. And yet the results remain to be negative at all times. This indicates that a specimen isn’t carrying a virus in its system.

    But considering the PCR test over other tests, PCR would certainly win over as being the gold standard test. The results are the most accurate when you get them from PCR testing. Moreover, the PCR test is rather sensitive. It is rather helpful in getting a PCR test as it offers the perfect capacity to detect the RNA in a minute quantity.

    How PCR Test Benefits Your Covid-19 Detection?

    The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test is conducted on billions of DNA or RNA copies. Be it from home PCR test Dubai to Express PCR test Dubai. The results are satisfactory for specimens with more accuracy. Having said that, here are a few benefits of PCR test for detecting Covid-19 in your body;

    • The results are faster than all the other tests combined. Undergoing Doctor home visit Dubai PCR test will assure the results in the given timeframe. On average, the results are around three hours on average. So, for people traveling, etc., the PCR test is by far the best way to go.
    • As compared to other optimal time therapy, PCR test time spams are less than their counterparts. It is this that makes it the recommended choice of clinicians.
    • Another thing to consider is the treatment decision that allows you to improve decision-making for selecting the best therapy required to be free from the virus.
    • The PCR test talks about the accuracy, and this leads you to decide the perfect antibiotics for your body. Using these, you will not have to consume extra antibiotics that are relatively not beneficial for your immune system.
    • Furthermore, it also reduces unnecessary testing for you. So a patient doesn’t have to undergo several tests before finally getting on to the results.
    • Healthcare cost is massive in some parts of the world. And with Aims Healthcare being present for your service, you don’t have to spend a lot on the healthcare system considering the perfect results that don’t require you to invest extra on the clinical investment. Moreover, the use of antibiotics also reduces with it, and a patient doesn’t need to get more diagnostic tests and end up saving more than usual.
    • Moreover, the PCR test at Aims Healthcare gives our doctors, laboratories workers, and other healthcare examiners the perfect insights regarding the report of your immune system. So, you don’t have to worry about the procedure and the final result, as our system and testing results are far-fetched and satisfactory.
    • Another is minimally invasive that we ensure to our patients. The test we perform using nasal swabs, throat swabs, and tests of saliva are minimally invasive to a patient.
    • It also gives you the chance to stay at home and avail of our PCR at home Dubai testing service that doesn’t require you to visit a clinic or a hospital, unlike other tests. You can also avail of this test by staying at home or even in your car, and our professional Doctor on call Dubai will ensure the job is done in ultimate perfection.

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    Our medical teams offer home PCR test Dubai that you can avail at home by booking an appointment. Moreover, our express PCR test Dubai is for people seeking results in a few hours. For these, our medical teams will visit your home to conduct a Covid-19 swab test. Upon arrival, you will see our teams maintaining international standards with proper gear and fully equipped to make the entire process hassle-free and convenient.

    Our teams for PCR test at home maintain safety and accuracy as their top priority and ensure that the handling is done in accordance with the Dubai Health Authority set protocols. So, if you’re planning on traveling outside of the UAE or have to resume your office, free yourself from the nuisance and get PCR at home Dubai to save yourself from exposure to the potential virus by visiting healthcare facilities or laboratories.

    We will send the certificate of PCR test at home to you via email and SMS. Furthermore, you can set your mind at peace as our home PCR test Dubai and Express PCR test Dubai are accepted for international travel across all the airlines.

    The Final Words

    So, after reading the detailed article about the PCR test for Covid-19 detection, it must be clear that for your Covid-19 diagnosis, the PCR test acquired from Aims Healthcare is the best decision. Our Doctor on call Dubai service makes it impressively convenient for patients to home PCR tests at home or their preferred locations. And also get the results in the shortest and defined time frame.