5 reasons why calling a Doctor at home is a blessing

It was before World War II that doctors visited patients in their homes to offer health care services. The practice was abolished with the emerging hospital-centric culture. But, with the current pandemic, it is not safe to visit hospitals unless it is a real emergency. 

Doctor on call is now an emerging trend all across the world. An on-demand doctor is getting attention from people belonging to every field. Everyone cares about the wellness of themselves and their loved ones, which is why it is essential to share some light on the essential benefits regarding calling a doctor at your home. 

A visit to a hospital or clinic can easily be avoidable in-case there is a particular need for heavy equipment to check the patient. But thanks to the technology that now a patient and doctor can easily communicate via an app or a phone call and if there is a need, a doctor at home service can easily be availed. 

But, surely you must understand the benefits that you’ll get or cases in which the doctor at home is the right call to make. In this blog, you’ll find out when is the best time to reach the doctor and call them at your home. 

1. Too Sick to move

A doctor at home is a service that can be availed when the patient is too sick to move, for instance, a high temperature like more than 104 degrees in which it is difficult for an average person to even get out of bed. 

At this particular moment for a patient, the hardest job is to breathe correctly. It feels like a bad dream, and the patient just wants to wake up and end the dream. 

As traumatic as it sounds, this is the right time to go for a doctor at home service. There are several illnesses, including dengue, malaria, jaundice, typhoid, and many more, where the patient can’t move away from their bed. 

Doesn’t having a doctor’s attention and care in your home a blessing in such a situation? Of course, it is! It’s like having a morning cup of tea at your bedside and waiting for the doctor to arrive instead of standing or sitting in a long queue in a plastic or an uncomfortable chair. 

2. Time is running out

Do you feel that waiting for countless hours in the line is worth your precious time? Even though most of the clinics offer pre-book appointments for patients but still when you arrive at the clinic, you need to read those boring, senseless magazines from the doctor’s reception.

If you have money, then skipping the appointment and calling the doctor at your home is the right thing to do. If your patient is suffering from a disease such as a panic attack or hypertension where it’s necessary to consult a doctor fast, doctor at home is the best decision that you can make. Think of all the time that you will save – the commute time and endless hours that you wait for your turn to arrive.

3. You have Kids

Of course, it is problematic to take toddlers with you. The endless crying will rip the patient away. Additionally, when you visit a hospital or a clinic, there are more chances for kids to get infected.

You can put those small babies in a crib, but can you imagine the amount of patience a parent needs to encounter to move the crib always so that the baby stays silent. And lastly, when you take these kids in clinics, some patients are sick and who cannot endure the crying and shouting of babies.

So, the best choice is to ask for a doctor and get your check-up at home.

4. Difficult for elderly people

For older adults, it is incredibly cumbersome to go outdoors and wait for their turn. Older adults find it difficult to wait for long periods. The visit to the clinic itself is worrisome. For older adults, at times, you require specialized transport to move them from home to the clinic.

In such a case, imagine the relief that you might get when you have a trusted doctor on call that can see your elderly family members at home for diseases like high blood pressure, cholesterol or arthritis.

5. When you want extra attention and care

Do you know that the number one feeling in humans is to be loved and cared for? It is no surprise that doctors who don’t take proper care of their patients end up making the case worse.

In hospitals, this is the case where patients get neglected by doctors, intentionally or even unintentionally, but in either case, it is the patient who suffers the most. And for the patients, it is often hard to express their feelings and symptoms in front of strangers.

Imagine the ease a patient will get when top doctors check them in their homes. The patient will be better cared for, and the treatment process will be fast and effective. It is said that when a patient is fully informed about their problem, it gets easy for the doctor to suggest the cure.

The Bottom Line

With the advancement in technology, we must benefit from technology as much as we can. The COVID-19 has already raised the stakes of visiting a hospital or a clinic, and in such cases calling a doctor at your home is the smartest choice that you can make. 

Admittedly, I can use a couple of more things to convince you that doctor on call is the right choice, but you are smart enough to realize the current situation and the dangers of tomorrow that might come. So, it is wise to take care of your family and take precautionary measures for them.

Calling a doctor at home will not just save time; it will be convenient for your patient too. As mentioned earlier, you need to be extra careful about older adults in your family because they will benefit from this service a lot.

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