Aims Healthcare is the leading healthcare service provider in Dubai. The services and solutions we offer are fast, reliable, and personalized to elevate care and swift recovery that too by the hands of experienced and certified doctors. We are committed to providing unparalleled services by using top-notch methods and practices to provide trusted and reliable PCR tests at home in Dubai.

The deadly virus, i.e., Covid-19 and its emerging variants, have left the world in a peculiar complication. Because of this, getting PCR tests at home, office, store, car, etc., has become significant over time. Today, getting a PCR test at your location has gained incredible momentum. Many service providers have entered into the market providing services, but not all of them are trustworthy, reliable, and committed to delivering quality. However, when you book Aims Healthcare for PCR test in Dubai, you see the transparency, professionalism, dedication, and passion that helped us become the most sought-after names for Covid PCR test Dubai.

Over the years, we have surpassed our competitors and gained the status of a leading and excellent healthcare assistance for residents and tourists with a diversified range of healthcare services. Presently, the PCR test in Dubai is highly in-demand as people have to undergo fast testing to decide to join their workplaces and make an informed decision regarding their travel.

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    Why Prefer Aims Healthcare for PCR Test at Home

    Aims Healthcare is a top-notch medical assistance provider that intertwines superior and unmatched medical practices with the accessibility of highly qualified medical practices with highly-proven medical professionals to yield exceptional PCR tests at home in Dubai.

    We take PCR test and result in one step further by providing first-rate doctor on call and PCR test at home services right in the given timeframe. Because of our efficiency, expertise, knowledge, and commitment, our patients call us the synergy of timeliness as we strive to provide top-class accessibility in enhancing medical assistance. Here are a few reasons that make Aims Healthcare the best for PCR test at home in 2022.

    1. Our PCR Test at Home is Faster

    At Aims Healthcare, we have strategically and used the top-notch leverage from technology to provide faster results of PCR test for Covid-19. For this, our express PCR test and PCR test at home offer swift results that no other can commit. Our team collects the sample from your home or any other location and provides results in the given time frame to stand by our statement. The results are reliable and trustworthy, so you can make informed decisions regarding your travel or resume workplace.

    2. Our PCR Test Dubai is Cost-Effective

    Today, when several healthcare agencies and workers are surcharging the patients in the name of Covid-19 and vandalizing the image and repute of the healthcare industry, Aims Healthcare is providing heartening and uplifting medical assistance and services right at your doorstep. The testing service we provide at your home or any other location is proven and professional and all that in a cost-effective measure.

    3. 100% Accurate Results

    At Aims Healthcare, we have certified, experienced, and highly knowledgeable healthcare workers and doctors who are committed to providing effective and contending results right at your preferred location. We drive to absolutely safe and accurate results with our professional methodology and practice that stands us out from all the others.

    At this point, our team collects the sample and safely handles it to the testing facility, where we run a polymerase chain reaction to identify the presence of ribonucleic presence in the bloodstream. After getting the results, we immediately provide results to our patients that are 100% accurate and demonstrate our devotion and commitment.

    4. Timely Reports

    Getting a PCR test at home from Aims Healthcare ensures that you get timely reports so that delay doesn’t affect your plans. We have been named as the synergy of timeliness from nearly all of our patients and service acquirers who consider us the front runner in combining technology, medical assistance, and customer service. Thus, when you have yourself tested from Aims Healthcare, you can make timely and informed decisions and keep everything organized and perfectly planned. This also helps you in isolating yourself if you, unfortunately, get positive for the Covid-19 test.

    5. Utmost Care & Convenience

    Aims Healthcare focuses on providing great care and convenience to patients and service acquirers right at your home. Our PCR test at home service centers around providing liberty and peace of mind for acquiring test service at great ease. The team of healthcare workers, nurses, and doctors is certified and follows a holistic approach approved by all international standards. So, choosing Aims Healthcare’s PCR test in Dubai will not require you to travel all the way to the hospitals, clinics, or testing facilities. Moreover, you can skip the traffic congestions long queues and expose yourself to the virus by meeting different people that increases the chances of catching the virus.

    6. Avoid Unnecessary Medication

    At Aims Healthcare, we are a team of professional healthcare workers and doctors who provide PCR tests for detecting the Covid-19 virus. When our team collects your sample, we provide instant results. This ensures that even if you get positive for the Covid-19 virus, you don’t consume over-the-counter medication that might complicate the process. We follow proven rules to provide you with great remedies and therapies that help you defeat the virus and its presence.

    7. Personalized Healthcare System

    Today, hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities are flooding with people for PCR testing and other health issues. This leads you not getting enough treatment and personalized care. And Aims Healthcare ensures that you get the best from our services and more personalized care at your home. From this model, our focus is to provide one-on-one attention to our patients so that they feel more connected and eliminate all the worries.

    8. Designed To Cater Emergency Cases

    If you have planned to travel or need to resume your office, we are here to assist you in getting incredible leverage from our emergency services. We provide express PCR tests in Dubai that provide our patients with their reports or results in a few hours. This service ensures that you don’t have to wait in the traffic queues, get stuck in hospital documentation, and then wait long for your result. Our express PCR test ensures that you get timely results to meet your emergency scenarios.

    9. 24/7 Availability

    Another quality that well-defines us is our 24/7 availability of licensed, experienced, and well-trained doctors, healthcare workers, and nurses. They ensure that our patients get the instant doctor at home service soon after the appointment booking. Regardless of location and time, we strive to serve our patients at their location with great convenience. Our nurses will reach your location that can be home, office, or even hotel, to provide unparalleled convenience.

    10. Individual Care for All Patients

    Aims Healthcare takes pride in our ability to create a focused and customized healthcare experience. For PCR tests at home, our treatments and testing process is carefully curated to ensure you get accurate results with our professional and DHA-licensed team of nurses and doctors. Using the high experience and patient-centric approaches, we provide empathetic treatment to elevate convenience and satisfaction.

    Get PCR Test done at your place 24x7 in Dubai

    Aims Healthcare provides 24-hour at home service for Covid-19 PCR Test and Doctor on Call. Just call or whatsapp us on +971 505 136 505, and our team will be there at your doorstep within 30 to 45 minutes.

    International Standards PCR Testing in Dubai

    Aims Healthcare is a premium healthcare service provider at your location. Be it from nursing, doctor, PCR test, or any other medical assistance, our experienced and licensed team ensures that processes and services are unmatched and top-notch.

    Today, when the Covid-19 PCR test has become mandatory for all travelers and workers, we provide high-quality testing service at your home, hotel, or office. We are an approved and licensed healthcare facility in Dubai that caters to diversified medical assistance at home all over Dubai.

    In order to achieve the top-notch level in Dubai, UAE, we have integrated our methods and processes with an advanced medical diagnostic laboratory that enables us to present our services accurately, reliably, and quickly. We ensure that results are safe, accurate, and smooth so that you can plan your travel and elevate the experience for you.

    Our doctor at home service is holistically designed to provide you service at your home, office, or hotel. In fact, you can even avail of our service while on the go, i.e., in your car, where our experts will collect your PCR sample at the time and location of your preference. The primary intent we follow is to ensure flexibility and ease at all times so that tourists and residents can feel more like in a connected environment.

    So, when you book an appointment with Aims Healthcare for a PCR test at home in Dubai, our team will arrive at your detailed location and time slot fully equipped with the testing gear to collect the sample and process it faster than others and provide results in the form of a report to ensure that you have appropriate and accurate testing results before traveling or resuming office.

    Aims Healthcare Express PCR Test at Home

    Express PCR test has proven to be an excellent test process for anyone who wishes to prove negative Covid-19 infection results for work or travel. The professional home test teams ensure to collect a sample, process it, and provide results on the same day to guarantee timeliness and efficiency.

    Furthermore, our express PCR testing is a profound analysis of your collected sample in which we detect the presence of the Covid-19 presence in the body. As soon as the sample has been processed, we inform our client by sending an email letting you know about the results and help you decide. In addition, we provide a Covid-19 travel certificate to ensure authentication and reliability.

    Here’s How to Book a Covid-19 PCR Test at Home from Aims Healthcare

    Aims Healthcare ensures that the entire process is streamlined, organized, and convenient, from booking to sample collection to testing and sending the results. For this, we have a profound testing process through which you get the desired results;

    • The first is to book an appointment for which you can send us an email, contact us through the phone number, and click on the homepage button.
    • Once the appointment is confirmed, our representative will collect the information regarding your location and then ask for your suitable time to provide you with the earliest Covid-19 test.
    • The entire process is hassle-free and convenient at the same time.

    The results will be shared with you in a few hours.

    Still, Waiting? Book Now!

    If you were not aware of the PCR test at home service before, now you are. We are just a message, email, or call away from providing excellent PCR tests at home and doctor on call service so that you don’t have to wait, get stuck, feel inconvenient and get high-standard service at your home or other preferred location.